The Art of Observation

Check out this interview for the Reintegrate Project:

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Keeping the Channel Open

Check out this reflection on my art work in “In the Light Newsletter”:

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Drawings and Poems Exhibit

Linda Anderson Miller will be having an exhibit called Drawings and Poems at the Connecticut Hospice, 100 Double Beach Road in Branford, CT from March 25-April 25, 2012.

A smaller version of this exhibit was seen a few years ago at The Willoughby Wallace Library in Stony Creek, CT and at the Mercy Center in Madison, CT.

As one views the exhibit they discover that Linda’s drawings first describe an interior world of the kitchen, and then move out through the window to scenes in nature. Favorite poems by well-known poets that Linda feels a strong connection to are interspersed with the drawings. The poems and drawings inform and illuminate each other as one moves from the beginning of the show to the end. One has to get up close to read the poems and also to really see these delicate drawings. It can make the viewer feel like he has opened a book of drawings and poems and is turning the pages as he progresses through the exhibit. One viewer said that it felt like he was taken on a meditative journey that brought him in touch with a deep place inside where he felt more present and alive in the moment.

Archival quality prints of Linda’s drawings are available. They are pigment prints on 100% cotton acid-free rag paper in the same size as the originals and can be sold separately or framed in the same way as the originals. They are limited edition prints of 100. Michael Suozzi at Tandem Editions created the prints.
Anne and Doug Armistead at The Frame Gallery did the framing.

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1. What might serve as the best reminder that your needs have to be addressed first so that all the rest will work?

2. How are you being called to be? How does it balance what people are asking you to do? How do you honor your calling?

3. How does the hummingbird know what flower to go to?

4. How do you remember that it’s right for you to let other people take care of those things?

5. What do you want other people to expect of you, or how do you want to be seen so that your gifts can be manifest?

6. How do you keep present, remember, that just because you have energy that others want, you don’t have to solve their problem?

–from a Clearness Committee at Quaker Meeting

“Peace is a natural innate state of mind waiting for us to come back to it. Happiness is a butterfly, which when pursued is always just beyond our grasp, but which if you sit down quietly, may alight upon you.”

–Nathaniel Hawthorne

I wrote these out and drew a hummingbird at the top of the page for an exhibit called “Working Drawing”. I have this page by my meditation cushion and read it most mornings as part of the meditation.

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New Website launched

My new website,, is up and ready for viewing.

Please visit the site at:

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