New Website launched

My new website,, is up and ready for viewing.

Please visit the site at:

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10 Responses to New Website launched

  1. Michael Anderson says:

    Oh Linda!
    It took me a day or two to open your website because I knew I would have to sit with it and let it infuse into me. I just spent a half hour with it and I feel like I am rushing. I will go back-esp. to the poems and drawings. They are like my beloved dioramas, the only way you can “see” them is to stop, breathe, and let go. They work into you slowly and powerfully.
    Thank you,

    • Linda says:

      Thanks, Michael. I appreciate the feedback. I am feeling better and better about how it is working. The design is simple. It feels like an exhibit that I put together myself. It feels like me…There are still a few glitches: some people find that the bio gets cut off when they read it on a PC, but I think we can figure out how to make that work. Linda

  2. Carole Wadsworth says:

    Thanks for sharing, Linda. I’m thrilled to be introduced so elegantly to your artistry. It feels a little like filling in the gaps between our infrequent meetings!
    The combination of poetry and art is a delight as well, and I agree with Michael that it will take time to drink it all in.
    Best wishes on continued inspiration…

  3. Michael Anderson says:

    I have been thinking about your website and artwork a lot since I looked at it. I think it captures who you are so much better than any words you could use. It is simple, in the moment, quiet, peaceful, meditative, and with a deep powerful beauty that seeps into you!
    Art at its best!

  4. Rachel Cogbill says:

    Dear Linda,
    I have just finished a visit to your gallery of wonderful art on the
    website. How delicate, detailed, and I think restful they are….drawing me
    into a different world. I am amazed what you can do with black and white on
    something I associate with color: the red-winged blackbird, for instance or
    the gravestone scene or the daffodils. You catch a sense of the whole
    through new eyes: the teapot in shadow, the piece of the milkweed blossom,
    the spiderweb and spider filling the page and carrying us down into its
    center. Perhaps you would forward this link to others on the committee? It
    is a way of knowing you and your inspiration better, plus just a joy to see.
    If you preferred to have someone else pass it along to them, I could, but I
    wouldn’t do it without your permission.
    Do you want to doublecheck one thing? I think you mislabled the
    chickadee drawing. Are they goldfinches? That is what my birder husband
    named them when I commented.
    I also liked reading your biography…a nice blend of factual and
    context, Quaker and otherwise.


    • Linda says:

      Wow, good catch! They ARE goldfinches! Thank you to your birder husband, and thank you for the sensitive and thoughtful comments about my work!
      I would be honored if you would like to share the website with the committee.


  5. Greg Moschetti says:


    Thanks for sharing your wonderful drawings and paintings. They inspire.


    • Linda says:

      Thanks, Greg!
      I want to give credit to a few people who worked on this project: Christopher Gardner took the photos of the artwork, my son Jon Miller took the photo of me sketching, and John Bent worked on the design of the website with me and then did all the technical work to make it come to life on the web. Thanks so much to all of you!


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